Aluminum Tube Filling Machine and Food Processing Machine

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Manufactuer, Exporter and supplier of Bio-Gene Aluminum Tube Filling Machine and Food Processing Machine
Food Processing

Bio-Gene Aluminum Tube Filling Machine

Aluminum Tube Filling Machine

Semi- automatic/automatic rotary tube filling, crimping & coding machine for collapsible aluminum tubes single /double head:
Consists of
1. One rotating disc with interchangeable tube holding sockets for different sizes of tubes
2. One S. S. filling syringe pump with Teflon rings, one S. S. filling nozzle connected to control of Tailing",
3. No-Tube No-Fill micro switch,
4. One 20 Liters capacity S. S. hopper for paste / ointment,
5. One S. S. block with non-return valve, volume track with fine adjustment and accuracy of +/- 0.1%
6. Filing range: From 3gms to 50 GMS.
7. Filling speed: 25,30,35,50,60 & 70 tubes per minute.
8. Models Available
Gmp Model - PTFSH - Single Head
GMP Model - PTFSH - Single head Auto
GMP Model - PTFSH - Double Head Options Available for Single Head
9. S. S. Jacketed Hopper with 1.5 kV heater with digital control of temperature and indicator, S. S. stirrer, vacuum cleaning attachment for tubes.
10. Tube orientation attachment with photocell and control unit.
11. Mechanical automatic tube feeder.

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